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To have a complete overview of the financial needs for this project, please see the detailed breakdown below. Every contribution is helpful to realize the project’s goals and we thank you for your support.

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Details Total Cost
Foundations in cement concrete: 610cft @ 240/cft $2,894
Stone filling of base for 3667cft @ 30/sf $2,175
Wood work for frames/door windows/with glass etc. 302 sft @ 860/sft $5,135
Brick work in full cement 1.6 including masons 1400 cft @ 210ft (labours will be free from local community) $5,813
Shuttering 1764 sft @ 45/sf $1,569
Sand/gravel 915 cft @ 35 $633
Cement 105 bags @ 350/bag $726
Iron 30 quintals= 3000kgs @ 4500/100 Kg (including labour/masons) $2,669
Plaster full in 1.5 ratio with labour/masons 4110 sft @ 60/sft $4,876
Flooring 1640 sft @ 65/sft $2,100
Bath room fitting with tiles and fitting/taps/labour etc 500 sft @ 200/sft $2,175
Iron grill for windows 305 sft @ 110/sft $663
Plastic chairs, tables, furniture for office $528
Bed steel/examination bed/with chairs/stools (quantity 8) $1,255
Lockers for supplies (3) $534
Electric fitting pipes $593
Signboard and main iron gate $692
Totals $35,000
Total Needed $32,000

Supporting Data

MEND will add a further percentage of grant if given to Hope Centre...i.e 2500 euros or $3000 US towards this project. Land has also been offered and will be transferred to She Hope before building starts.