Rineke  Gronert

Name: Rineke Gronert

Project: Renuka Day-Care Center
Position: Project Leader


Short summary of your background:

Professionally, I had worked for several years as a secretary at a lawyer firm. Later on in my life, I became an active volunteer for mother groups as an editor, a secretary in a CSR based organisation about environmental projects and during fifteen years I worked as a receptionist for an international camps. All this social work involving mothers, youth and children, made me more aware of the impact we all can have when we mutually support and help each other.

Languages you can speak/write:

Dutch; German; English and a little bit Nepali

What inspired you to take this initiative?

By travelling throughout several Asian countries I got a deep feeling that I wanted to do something in return, having received so much love and warmth from the people in Nepal. Being involved in this project, I gaining more insight whereby I could see and witness how much inequality we have in the world. I am sure that together we can contribute to establish a little bit more of social balance globally.

What is your (future) dream regarding this project?

Create a basis for the youngest among us, so they can make a better educational start in their lives. Besides that, these projects can show and teach the parents of these children that basic education is a necessity for the well-being of the future generation in the Nepali area. Still, a majority of the parents is unable to read and write.

What would you like to say to future participants in your project?

For future participants it’s very important to realise that the future success of this project lays in a respectful approach for local Nepali traditions and their way of living and that our educational and health contribution is based on an learning exchange of both cultures.