Sami Wani

Name: Sami Wani

Project: She Hope Disability Centre
Position: Project Leader; She Hope Disability Centre
Location: Kashmir, India


Short summary of your background:

I am a registered physiotherapist.

What inspired you to take this initiative?

After becoming a registered physiotherapist in 1999 I wanted to use my skills to reach out to as many disabled Kashmiris as possible and decided to build a model rehabilitation centre in one of the 10 districts of Kashmir. With support from my family, who gave us land, and steady support and funds from a South Indian donor, MEND and several other donors, including the Indian Army, we now have an active centre achieving its goals.

What is your (future) dream regarding this project?

I am hoping we can expand and build other Centres, based on Hope Centre, so that each of the other 10 districts of Kashmir has a rehabilitation centre where the other 30,000 neglected disabled persons can get basic assessment and help to live with dignity and independence.

What would you like to say to future participants in your project?

We welcome all supporters, field workers, donors and fundraisers, and project partners so that we have a variety of skills to keep our programmes expanding.