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The Foundation UnitingPeople has created a humanitarian platform where local leaders and change agents from all over the world can present their projects - and the resources needed to realize them - in order to develop sustainable development and social change.

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Take a look at our Featured Projects

Voix Libres Featured Info

Vittichi, Bolivia

The construction of a boarding school for orphans in situations of extreme poverty, guaranteeing education, nourishment and housing in a peaceful, warm environment.

EWN Featured Info

Pokhara, Nepal

To expand gender equality and women´s empowerment by training in guide trekking, rock climbing and eco-tourism.


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Dia de la madre
Como todos los años Festejamos un día muy especial como es el de la MADRE. En esta oportunidad se realizo el día viernes 11 de Mayo del 20112. Participaron 50 madres, las cuales pudieron ver como participaban sus hijos en diferentes actos como POEMAS, DANZAS,…

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